Jesus! Jesus! - 1971 Gospel Crusaders

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      For ten years, I have traveled extensively with groups of singing Christians. I'm especially pleased with these 1971 Gospel Crusaders! Their adaptation of the dramatic musical, "Show Me Jesus!" stimulated many thousands of people to think and act about Jesus and about breaking down walls that separate us and block the Truth from being seen.
      "Show Me Jesus!" begins and ends with the dynamic theme song, JESUS! JESUS! The lyrics suggest to those searching for the deepest meaning and qualities in life that these experiences, namely love, peace, fulfillment in life, truth, rest and joy, result from a relationship of trust and dependence on Jesus.
      But many people cannot see this truth because we Christians have built walls of prejudice and self-righteousness that block their view. We have allowed doctrine and its defense to become more important than people and their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. God builds bridges of love, not walls of separation, so we must BREAK DOWN THE WALLS!
      In our drama Al's cynical stereotype of Christians in WHEN I THINK OF THE CHURCH may be overly reactionary and unfair, but with so many people sharing his view it might help us to see ourselves as many others see us. The church was not designed to be an ego-satisfying social club, nor was it to be run on the system of priorities and values of a big business. Its focus is on the whole person, not just on his outward appearance or whether he wears the "team" outfit. Al and his friends live in an emerging world of emotional awareness of people's total needs of our environment, and in that world there is no need or place for an impersonal, LONG DISTANCE LOVE. Their theme is, "Don't tell me about what you are doing. SHOW ME!"
      What should our response be when we realize that our humanity is showing so obviously? Should we defend ourselves and hide behind our academic doctrines? Or, when others find in us only patterns, mere routines, and pious words instead of the real love they seek, should we allow the cry from deep within to say, FORGIVE ME, MY FRIEND?
      And then we can take another look at the wall-breaker who broke the biggest wall and loosed a flood of mercy and love when HE DIED FOR US. He broke that wall, and he gives the insight and the motivation for us to break the walls that surround us. JESUS! JESUS!
Gary Alfson
LEM National Youth Director 1967-71 

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