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During July 1965, California Lutheran Bible School teacher and former LEM National Board member Theodore Hax conducted a never-to-be-forgotten two-week Prophecy Conference in Lake Preston, South Dakota.  Revival ensued with over 75 people committing or recommitting their lives to Christ.      The following report of that revival appeared in the August 1965 edition of Evangelize. Over 75 people - mostly young ... More

Message 01 - The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches

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Some time ago when I was in college I finally got tired of learning the same spiritual truths over and over again only to forget those lessons and have to relearn them (usually the hard way). Then one day in my college apartment it occurred to me that we had this amazing new technology called writing and that I could actually write down and recall to mind on a daily basis some of these key truths.  Over the next several years I added to ... More
Today we live in the most scientifically, medically, and technologically advanced civilization in history. In less than a century and a half we have gone from horse-drawn wagons to GPS-equipped hybrid cars, from pen and ink wells to text messaging, and from the telegraph to the internet. But although human civilization has progressed at such an incredible speed, there is something it has never outdated: God and His Word. The ... More
Matt 19:29: And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. The call to live the Christian life is a call to follow Christ. It’s a call to take up ones cross as he did and to surrender to the will of the Father. It’s a call to a life of total obedience. And yet connected to this ... More

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