The Best Of Ten Years With The Gospel Crusaders - 1967-1976

Series: Music Recordings
         The summer of 1976 marks the tenth summer of ministry for the Gospel Crusaders. I guess that 1976 is just a year of anniversaries all the way around. Our country is 200 years old. The Lutheran Evangelistic Movement is celebrating 40 years of ministry - so it is with a rather youthful outlook that we in the Youth Ministries Department of the LEM come to "celebrate" our first ten years.
         This album contains the work of seven of the ten Gospel Crusader teams that have traveled for the LEM. We were not able to use music from the '67 and '68 teams because we did not record them. We started with the '69 group and finished up with the '75 team. As this album goes to press, the 1976 team, the 10th, is just about ready to begin; thus they too are not on the album.  So what do we have left? A LOT!
         I hope that you have had the opportunity to hear the Crusaders at some time in the past. This record may be something special to you if you have. If you haven't, it gives us a great deal of pleasure to introduce our teams to you in this way. We're looking forward to good days ahead with the Gospel Crusaders, but for now, why don't you sit back and enjoy some of the best groups that ever traveled the highways.
Bruce Stumbo
LEM Coordinator of Youth Ministries 1975-77

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