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Audio tracks and record jacket from the album Jesus! Jesus! by the 1971 LEM Gospel Crusaders. More
Album (originally advertised as a cassette tape) not available at this time. If you possess a copy of this album and are willing to lend it for posting on this website, please contact Gary Alfson (LEM National Youth Director 1967-71, or Jonathan Anderson (LEM Historian,
Audio tracks and record jacket from the album Gospel Crusaders '74 Live! At West Newbury, Mass. by the 1974 LEM Gospel Crusaders.
Recording of a live concert by the 1976 LEM Gospel Crusaders.
Audio tracks and cassette tape j-card from an unnamed album by the 1976 LEM Camp Ambassadors.
Recording of an unnamed album by the 1977 LEM Camp Ambassadors.
Audio tracks from the album I Am Willing by the 1982 LEM Camp Ambassadors and the 1982 LEM His Proclaimers.
Recording of a homecoming concert by the 1982-83 LEM Living Dimension.

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