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Sermons of LEM Leaders

If Any Man Willeth To Do His WillMaynard Force2019-05-28
Two Casualties Of WarEvald J. Conrad2019-05-27
The One-Talent ManMaynard Force2019-05-26
Open Thou Mine EyesMaynard Force2019-05-25
To Live Is Christ And To Die Is GainEvald J. Conrad2019-05-24
Friendship With JesusEvald J. Conrad2019-05-23
Jesus' Relationship To His PeopleMaynard Force2019-05-22
The City Of RefugeMaynard Force2019-05-21
Take Up Your Bed And WalkMaynard Force2019-05-20
Prevail In PrayerEvald J. Conrad2019-05-19
Elijah's PrayerMaynard Force2019-05-18
TemptationMaynard Force2019-05-17
Call Upon The Name Of The LordEvald J. Conrad2019-05-16
Lazarus The MissionaryMaynard Force2019-05-15
Lo, I Am With You AlwaysEvald J. Conrad2019-05-14
Satisfaction Of The Soul's HungerJ.O. Gisselquist2013-08-29
The Revival We Need - Awakening!J.O. Gisselquist2013-08-28
What Time Is It?Maynard Force2013-07-01
How Faith GrowsPaul Lindell2013-06-01
The Christian WarfareLutheran Evangelistic Movement2013-05-01
New Life NowNels Pedersen2013-04-01
Abraham - The BelieverPeter Churness2010-07-23
Isaac - Child Of The PromisePeter Churness2010-07-22
God's Will - Our SanctificationJonathan Anderson2010-07-21
God's Will - His Law In Our HeartsJonathan Anderson2010-07-20
The Place Of Blessing - Dependence On GodJonathan Anderson2010-07-19