A Touch Of God's Love - 1975 Gospel Crusaders

Series: Music Recordings
      To express gratitude is often difficult because our words seem so inadequate. I'm sure we all find ourselves in that situation. We have so much to say, but how do we say it?
      The summer of 1975 marked the ninth year of involvement in the Gospel Crusader program for Sam and Gallia MacKinney. Six of those years they have given themselves to traveling with the group - allowing God to use them in ways we shall never have knowledge of. A lot of "kids" have traveled on the Crusader team and a lot of growth has taken place. Yes, God has done a great work, and to accomplish this He has done a great work through Sam and Gallia as they have made contact with hundreds of young people.
      Sam and Gallia (Dad and Mom MacKinney), we wish to say more than thank you; we wish to offer our love to you as God has moved in and through you. He has touched you - He has touched us with His love. I'm sure that all the Crusaders that have traveled these past nine years will join me as i say "Thanks."
      To you this record is dedicated.  You did so much to bring it about - a labor of love. Please accept it as our way of expressing gratitude.
      And all the Crusaders said -- "AMEN!"
Bruce Stumbo
LEM Coordinator of Youth Ministries 1975-77

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