Making Disciples Through Media

LEM is committed to making disciples in the 21st century, and assisting churches to do so also. Today, we approach this task through four primary tools: Church planting, Preaching, Retreats and Creative Media. It is this last tool that I want to talk about this month. In our Western culture we are very fond of what might be called “propositional truth.” We like facts and logic. The following statement is an example of it: “Jesus Christ came to earth to save us from our sins.” This is true. It is clear. But it is also a way of expressing truth that is relatively emotionless. It appeals primarily to the head, ...


After the But

Leah is one of the most unappreciated heroines in the Bible. Her husband Jacob never intended to marry her—he was tricked into it by her scheming father. Jacob wanted Leah's sister, Rachel, and he married her just one week later. Leah is a great example of coming to terms with God in the midst of our struggles. For years she tried to get Jacob to love her. That was the focus of her life, and she named her first three children accordingly (see Genesis 29:31-35).  But then something changed. After eight long years in a loveless marriage, her fourth son, Judah, was born and she said, “This time I will praise the ...


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