Changes - 1981-82 Foundation

Series: Music Recordings
      The 1981-82 Foundation is the current year-round youth ministry team sponsored by the Lutheran Evangelistic Movement. In a world of instability this group of Christian young adults shares its witness to Jesus Christ as the foundation on which to build our lives (I Corinthians 3:9-17).
      People and circumstances, challenges and responsibilities:  these provide the format for personal growth and change. They get us in touch with our abilities and potential on the one hand and with our weakness and need on the other. Some changes give us little discomfort. In fact, we are scarcely aware of them, like a plant whose growth we hardly notice from one day to the next.
      But other changes, brought about through living in difficult circumstances and the demands of interpersonal relationships, or working against personal inadequacy, can be very uncomfortable. They produce tremors of doubt about ourselves, and tempt us to run away, to escape, to give up. If we do, often we are the losers, for God is able to use such circumstances to remodel and change us.
      The Holy Scriptures call these experiences "the testing of your faith" (James 1:3) and "the discipline of the Lord" (Hebrews 12:5). God's plan is to accomplish through them a fullness of Christian character that is the unique proof of the life of Jesus in us.
      May these songs put you in touch with the different factors involved in the changes that God is bringing about in you.

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