I Believe In You - 1970-71 Living Dimension Singers & 1970-71 Clear Light

Series: Music Recordings
      I believe in you, God! With my mind sometimes confused and my emotions sometimes frustrated and unstable, and my will sometimes changeable.
      I believe in you, God! Is it all right? May I come to you - confused, unstable, and changeable? Especially then?!!
      At one time I believed in accumulating "things." Thank you for the resources you have given me for producing. But economic freedom by itself doesn't bring contentment. Somehow I still get hurt easily and lack confidence.
      I believed in human love. But it seems that human love is often selfish. Selfish love forces the object of love into molds and is seldom forgiving.
      I believed in the love of the Christians. To the extent that they are controlled by you, it is good. But so often they aren't like you, God. I made a mistake - a pretty bad one that hurt some Christians - and i asked them for help and forgiveness. First, they gave me easy answers - always the easy answers. Then, when those answers honestly didn't satisfy me, they wrote me off and condemned me.
      They are rigid, God! Why can't they see that you were more than a pious gentleman who walked the earth demanding piety of others? Why can't they see that your spirit was primarily one of acceptance and forgiveness, like on that cross, when you said, "Father, forgive them," even though they weren't sorry.
       People responded to you because they sensed your wisdom, justice, and love, a respecting and accepting love. Both those in your kingdom, like the disciples, and those outside responded to your love. It was always that love and acceptance and forgiveness that brought response.
      Where do I turn, God? I don't doubt your existence or the fact that you died for me on that cross to free me from sin and its guilt. I believe that faith in you creates a new life in me and that the growth of that new life depends solely on your Spirit. I don't doubt that you reveal yourself and your desires to me in Scripture.
      But how it all works is confusing to me, especially when mere men try to interpret it and articulate it.
      Sometimes all I can say is, "I believe in you."  AND that's enough!!  Thank you, God!
Gary Alfson
LEM National Youth Director 1967-71

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