Jesus Loves You - 1973-74 Clear Light & 1973-74 Living Dimension Singers

Series: Music Recordings
      "Jesus Loves You" is to some just an old overused saying with little or no meaning. But to the Clear Light & the Living Dimension Singers it is an old saying that is deep with meaning and application for today's world with all its confusing situations, hunger for reality, and questioning minds.
      Comments from several who have heard the ministry: "God used those young people as His instruments and His love poured out on open hearts and the love we felt was God's - beyond human understanding." "You have touched the heart of this sinner and this is the first time I've cried in years." "It's such a privilege to be involved with people who have been permeated with the love of Jesus and share that love as they sing, talk and live with us."
      You too will realize anew as you listen to this album that "Jesus Loves You." Please allow His Love to permeate your life - Now!

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