Let His Love Shine Thru - 1972 Gospel Crusaders

Series: Music Recordings
      How wonderful it is as Gospel Crusaders to be able to share the wonderful story of Love with people in various churches throughout our country and our neighbor to the north, Canada. We enjoyed traveling along the northern tier of the United States from Minnesota to Washington and along the southern part of Canada's most westward provinces.
      Love is a word which is used for so many different things and so often is used with little or no thought. Yet true love, as shown by the Lord Jesus Christ in giving His life for you, far surpasses anything we could even imagine. And He asks us to show a similar love to all the people in the world. Yet we see such a lack of love in our world between countries, within our government, in our homes, and even in the place where love is preached regularly . . . in our churches. Something must be wrong, and it certainly is when we merely give lip service to the word love and fail to manifest it in our relationship to other people. We tend to love only if we know we will be loved in return. If you will pay close attention to the words of most of the selections in this record, we believe they may be able to help you in letting His love shine thru . . . you.

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