Love Is A Strange Word - 1969 Gospel Crusaders

Series: Music Recordings
      THEY congregate in small, dimly-lit coffee houses in Greenwich Village, Old Town, Haight-Ashbury and Yorkville, with clothing and grooming reflecting their disillusionment over our society. Just before they flip out, you can see the question form on their lips . . . .
      THEY are excited as he says, "I have a dream . . . ," and, for a few fleeting moments, catch a glimpse of what could be. But with one gunshot, the vision fades, and hatred and frustration once again invade their souls, while the agonizing search continues for the answer to the question . . . .
      THEY tramp through forests and swamps in a foreign land, tired and grimy, looking for someone to kill. They shoot, and then gaze down at the twisted bleeding corpse, and they plead for the answer to the question . . . .
      THEY are America's young people, of all colors and creeds, deeply involved in life. Their ideas will determine the future political and moral direction of our nation. And their question: "What is love?! Where can it be found, not in meaningless cliches, but in action?! And if I find love, will my life really be any different? Will love bring meaning?"
      TODAY, in our society, love is a strange word. And young people are searching for a workable definition. They also seek a definition for another strange word, God. Tired of a definition of God built solely on human speculation, in their more serious moments, they ask, "Just who is God? What is He really like?"
      "LOVE IS A STRANGE WORD," the theme song of this album, suggests an answer to these questions relating to love and God.
            "But if we're to know what love is, then we've got to know who God is.
            And if we want to love, then we've got to know Him well.
            For God is love in person, and that person is Christ Jesus,
            And knowing Him as Lord shows us all that love can be."
      THE ANSWER is found in the new life that Christ offers, the appropriation of that life through faith, and the willingness to allow Him to control your life, and love through you.
Gary Alfson
LEM National Youth Director 1967-71

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