To Be Alive - 1970 Gospel Crusaders

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Reflected in this poem is the experience of many:
There are three tame ducks in my backyard,
Dabbling in the mud and trying hard
To get their share, and maybe more,
Of the overflowing barnyard store,
Satisfied with the task they're at
Of eating, and sleeping, and growing fat.
But whenever the free, wild ducks go by,
They cock a quizzical, puzzled eye
And make a feeble attempt to fly.
I think my soul is a tame old duck
Dabbling around in the barnyard muck,
Fat and lazy, with useless wings.
But sometimes when the north wind sings
And the wild ones hurtle overhead,
It remembers something lost and dead,
And cocks a wary, bewildered eye
And makes a feeble attempt to fly.
It is fairly content with the state it's in,
      Man was designed to experience life totally. He was meant to be alive! But man turned his back on the Source of Life. He lost the knowledge of the real meaning of life and the power to experience it.  He learned to try to be content living an incomplete life.
      Then one came who knew what it meant to be alive, totally. Wherever He went, people became restless in His presence because they realized He was experiencing a dimension of living that was eluding them!  This life was based upon a close relationship with God, a unique sensitivity to the needs of each person He met, and a purpose that drove Him intensely. His purpose was to make it possible for all to be alive.
      When someone is really alive, he is alive to God through a vital union with Jesus, alive with the enjoyment of God's world and alive with sensitivity and love and understanding to others.
Gary Alfson
LEM National Youth Director 1967-71

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