Hax on Prophecy

During June 1965, California Lutheran Bible School teacher and former LEM National Board member Theodore Hax conducted a never-to-be-forgotten two-week Prophecy Conference in Lake Preston, South Dakota.  Revival ensued with over 75 people committing or recommitting their lives to Christ.   
The following report of that revival appeared in the August 1965 edition of Evangelize.
Over 75 people - mostly young people - came to the altar during a two-week Prophecy Conference in the Lake Preston, South Dakota rural parish, Rev. E. W. Brandt, pastor.  The speaker was Pastor Theodore B. Hax of the California Lutheran Bible School.  
During the second week the church was packed every night, and on the last night people actually came half an hour early to be sure of getting a seat.  Some stood in the vestibule throughout the service.  People came from surrounding communities covering a 40-mile radius.  
After the meetings people gathered in homes for Gospel singing and prayer fellowship.  Among the immediate results were decisions on the part of five young men and several girls to enroll as students of the California Lutheran Bible School.  In addition, a definite follow-up program of Bible study is being inaugurated in the local parish by Pastor Brandt.
(signed) Mrs. E. W. Brandt, Lake Preston, S. Dak.
Acknowledged as a leading Lutheran Biblical authority on the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, Pastor Hax conveyed his understanding in fourteen messages, twelve of which have amazingly been preserved for half a century and are now available below.   
Special thanks to Pastor Wade Mobley for recovering the audio of these messages and to Gary Alfson for helping to edit that audio. Both men regard the existence of these messages as a "miracle".  Pastor Mobley wrote a research paper on this 1965 revival in Lake Preston South Dakota which we have also published below after the audio files with his permission.

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